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To Cub Scout Pack 814 of San Ramon.

San Ramon, California
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Why Wear A Uniform?


The Cub Scout uniform is a tool with many edges!

Whenever the scout wears his uniform it reminds a boy that he is a Cub Scout and that people will expect him to act like one. The uniform is an outward sign that he believes in certain values and is willing to stand up for them.

His uniform gives him reason to take pride in the way he looks, and in the badges and awards he displays that testify to his achievements in skills and leadership.

His uniform gives him a feeling of belonging, not only to his pack and den, but to a worldwide organization whose beliefs and program he shares with millions of others.

A well-uniformed pack can build a sense of pack identity and spirit. It can attract new members, leaders, and parents.

The uniform is versatile: It's equally compatible for going to meetings, greeting the mayor, or climbing a mountain.

To the community the uniform presents a welcome image: "Here are some local kids," it says, "who are doing some good things." A thought that could make anyone's day.

Can the pack leaders do anything to make this hard-working tool work even harder? Yes we can!

We can set the example – and wear our own!